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CD1003 Chip Data
The CD1003 chip is an industrial digital electronic detonator control chip developed by Shanghai Chipdance Co., Ltd. It can control peripheral components such as energy storage capacitors and detonation MOSFET on the electronic detonator module according to commands sent via the bus from the detonator. This enables large-scale, high-precision timed detonations.
Main Features
  • Low Power Design

    Typical operating current < 15μA

    Built-in RC oscillator with a frequency of 200KHz

  • High Integration

    CD1003 integrates an OSC, LDO, memory, digital control module, charging and discharging module, etc.

    Besides the firing element and energy storage capacitor, the module requires only 7 peripheral components, demonstrating a high degree of integration.

  • Smart Registration

    Supports online import of detonator information by the Blaster, eliminating the need for scan code registration.(Depend on local regulations.)

  • Information Locking

    Capable of storing and lock critical information such as the UID, shell code, and detonation password of electronic detonators.

  • Networking Capability

    Supports networking of 1000 detonators in parallel on a 1500m cord per one Blaster.

    Supports cascading networking of 128 Blasters.

  • Delay Accuracy

    Delays under 150ms with precision < 0.8ms.

    Delays over 150ms with precision < 3‰.

  • Adaptability

    Operates within a wide voltage range of 7V-40v.

    Suitable for operating environments from -40℃~85℃.

    Reliable communication distance exceeds 1500m.

    Compatible with parallel cables, aluminium wires, and other unconventional bus lines without polarity distinction.

    Provides 9 voltage levels for precise control of energy storage capacitor voltage.

    Maximum delay programming value of 16000ms, within a minimum programming interval of 1ms.

    Optimized for interference from the bus to enhance reliability in specific scenarios.

    Supports third-party production of UID and random password services.

  • Detectability

    Integrated functionality for measuring the capacitance of energy storage capacitors.

    Integrated functionality for checking the continuity of firing elements.

    Key parameter status monitoring and self-diagnosis.

    Query time for online status of 500 electronic detonators as low as 500ms.

    Full process detection of electronic detonator misconnections, multiple connections, and disconnections during networking, charging, and detonation.

  • Dual Capacitor Design

    Communication capacitor of 4.7μF

    Communication voltage between 8V and 10V.

    During network detection, UID matching verification, authorization checks, password validation, and delay scheme verification, the energy capacitor does not charge.

Product Parameters
Parameter Definition Unit Minimum Value Typical Value Maximum Value
Working Voltage V 7 11.5 40
Charging Voltage(22V Level) V 21 22 24
Working Temperature -40 -- 85
Sleep Mode Voltage μA 20 25 30
Delay Power Consumption μA 10 14 18
Programmable Delay Range ms 0 -- 16000
Delay Accuracy(<150ms) ms -0.8 -- 0.8
Delay Accuracy(>150ms) -3 -- 3
UID Storage digit 7 8 13
Password Storage digit 4 8 8
Networking Capability unit 1 -- 1000
Communication Voltage V 8 10 16
Charging Voltage V 1 18 22
Controllable Discharge Time(Controllable Discharge Circuit Activate) ms -- 230 300
Auxiliary Discharge Time(Controllable Discharge Circuit Failure) s -- 90 120
Charging Current mA -- -- 10
Firing Element Continuity Detection Current μA 400 550 750
Storage Temperature -50 -- 85
Working Humidity % 10 -- 90
Storage Humidity % 0 -- 95
Packaging, Pins, Dimensions
Packaging Pins Size
DFN3x3-10 10 3mmx3mmx0.75mm