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Stable and Reliable Chip Production:

High Market Share:

Strong Commitment to R&D:

Comprehensive Solutions Provided:

Stable and Reliable Chip Production:
Our chips are market-tested in large volumes with 100 million units shipped, ensuring high quality and a defect rate controlled below 0.0000001%.
High Market Share:
We partner exclusively with Chinese state-owned and publicly listed companies, covering over 50% of detonator factories in China. Our customer repurchase rate is impressively over 100%.
Strong Commitment to R&D:
We view research and development as our core competitive strength, ensuring rapid updates and iterations of our chip products.
Comprehensive Solutions Provided:
We offer complete solutions for electronic detonator modules, helping clients cut their R&D cycles by half, save up to 90% on R&D costs, and triple their profits.
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