Innovative Creation
Constructing a Tomorrow of Safety And Intelligence
About ChipDance
Innovative creation, constructing a tomorrow of safety and intelligence.
Company Introduction
Focusing on SoC chips on Electronic Detonator and Providing Blasting Solution

ChipDance Co.,Ltd, a pioneer in the IC industry, specializes in designing SOC chips especially for the electronic detonation products. Since our founding, we’ve consistently embraced ‘technology-driven development’ as our core philosophy, dedicating ourselves to designing high-performance, cost-effective products. Our commitment has established us as an industry-leading company that integrates research, production, and sales. Our products, known for their outstanding performance and reliability, are essential in mining, construction, and land reclamation.

Since our inception, we've been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of electronic technology, underpinned by rigorous quality control from design to delivery. This approach has not only distinguished us in competitive markets but also secured customer trust.

The company was established in Shanghai in 2018, jointly founded by several founders and CEOs from Fortune 500 companies. It has also gathered a team of expert developers and engineering service teams with international perspectives, forward-thinking, and rich experience.

Owning several subsidiaries in the industry, we've solidified our leadership in chip design and smart solutions, continually expanding our global reach. Our future strategy includes maintaining our industry leading position while exploring new technologies and applications, driving forward both a better solution and a higher customer satisfaction.

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Corporate Culture
ChipDance is guided by technological innovation and places customers at the core of our business. From identifying customers' needs to developing products and services that exceed their expectations, which all include quality assurance in all our processes, products, and solutions. Ethics and integrity direct our actions and inspire our business. Moreover, we value the diversity and commitment of our teams. At ChipDance, we recognize that our employees' talents are our greatest competitive advantages, and we offer excellent benefits for every employee. We have created a collaborative and respectful environment for them.
Intelligent Manufacturing
Development History

Company Founded.


Product Line Established:

Launched the first SOC chip specifically for electronic detonators.


System and Qualification Certified:

Obtained ISO9001 quality system certification.

Obtained High-tech Enterprise Certification


Complete Solutions Implemented:

Upgraded SOC chip for electronic detonators.

Launched comprehensive solutions for electronic detonator modules.


Market Leadership Achieved:

hipped over 80 million chips, reached the position as China’s top supplier.

Covered over 50% of China’s detonator factories.

Assisted in establishing 5 detonator factories.


Development Goals:

Set the 3-year development plan.

Maintain the top shipping volume in China and expand into international markets.

Core Competitiveness

Stable and Reliable Chip Production:

High Market Share:

Strong Commitment to R&D:

Comprehensive Solutions Provided:

Stable and Reliable Chip Production:
Our chips are market-tested in large volumes with 100 million units shipped, ensuring high quality and a defect rate controlled below 0.0000001%.
High Market Share:
We partner exclusively with Chinese state-owned and publicly listed companies, covering over 50% of detonator factories in China. Our customer repurchase rate is impressively over 100%.
Strong Commitment to R&D:
We view research and development as our core competitive strength, ensuring rapid updates and iterations of our chip products.
Comprehensive Solutions Provided:
We offer complete solutions for electronic detonator modules, helping clients cut their R&D cycles by half, save up to 90% on R&D costs, and triple their profits.
We have created an environment of mutual cooperation and respect