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Bridged-Electrolytic Capacitor Solution
High cost-performance, efficient, highly precise, with communication and detonation capacitors separated for enhanced safety.
Core Components
Performance Configuration
Application Scenarios
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Bridged-Electrolytic Capacitor Solution
Provide customers with high cost-performance electrolytic capacitor solutions, ensuring stability while offering more choices. Not suitable for operation in extremely cold environments, adapted for applications with high-sensitivity fuse heads.
Core Components
Energy Storage Element Liquid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
Igniting Element Bridged Wire
Performance Configuration
  • Delay Setting Mode
    On Site Setting Type
  • Maximum Delay Time(ms)
  • Network Capability
    Up to 1000 detonators
    (Note: busbar 1500m, foot wire 10m)
  • Communication Distance
    Busbar ≤1500m
    Core diameter 0.6mm pure copper twisted pair wire
  • Allowable Leakage Current in Communication Network
  • Working Current
    Low Voltage: 10-15μA
  • Adapted Gunpowder
    Lead Thiocyanate Series, Dinitro/Trinitro Series, Red Lead Silicon Series, Potassium Picrate Series, etc.
Welding Φ6.0x36.1
Riveting Φ6.0x40.0
Application Scenarios
Open Air
Large Section
Medium Section
Small Section
Underground Coal Mine ×
Operating Temperature(℃) -20℃~+85℃
Storage Life 18 months

Note: 1.All data are sourced from controlled laboratory conditions.
2.Specialized adaptations are available for projects with specific requisites.

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